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Board of Scrutiny

The Board of Scrutiny is central to the governance of the University. It is the University's chief internal mechanism for ensuring transparency and accountability in all aspects of University operations. The primary role of the Board is to examine the way in which the University is run and to comment on this to the University's governing body, the Regent House. Each year the Board is required to scrutinize the following on behalf of the Regent House: (i) the accounts of the University, (ii) the Annual Report of the Council (including the Annual Report of the General Board to the Council) and (iii) any Report of the Council proposing allocations from the Chest. The Board may investigate any matters that arise from these documents and in so doing is empowered to consult any official document, to make inquiries of any officer, to examine the policies of the University, and the arrangements made for the implementation of those policies, and to report thereon to the Regent House.