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25 November 2010







Selwyn College Master’s Lodge

Thursday, 25th November 2010 at 12.00pm



Present: Professor Richard Bowring (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Ms Katherine Leckie (Support Officer); Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Susan Oosthuizen; Dr Oren Scherman; Mr James Trevithick; Mr Alan Winter


1.     Apologies

David Goode; Kevin Coutinho; Dr Jane Spencer;


2.     Declarations of Interest

None declared


3.     Minutes of Meeting on 11 November 2010



4.     Matters Arising

i)The Election

ii)Yates’ Letter

iii) Lent Term Meetings:


5.     Guests

Dr Kate Maxwell, Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies and Professor John Rallison, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education


          i) Student Numbers

Growth in MPhil student numbers; implications of new courses;


ii) Entry Requirements

Overseas students; Board of Graduate Studies and their liaison with the Degree Committee;


iii) Graduate Affiliation to Colleges

Graduate numbers; graduate funding and College fees; College and University provision for graduates;


iv) Allocating Student Fees

           Allocation of resources between Colleges and University;


v) Bologna Guidelines

           Cambridge grades and their ETCS equivalents;


vi) Responsibilities of the Board of Graduate Studies and the Degree Committees in admissions

The role of departments in accepting/rejecting applications and the Board of Graduate Studies making offers; introduction of a fully electronic application system



6.     Any Other Business



7.     Date of next meeting

20 January 2010, 12.00pm

No Guest

Master’s Lodge, Selwyn College





Katherine Leckie

Support Officer

27th November 2010