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14 October 2010







Selwyn College Master’s Lodge

Thursday, 14th October 2010 at 12.00pm


Present: Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Ms Katherine Leckie (Support Officer); Professor Richard Bowring (Chairman); Mr Kevin Coutinho; Mr David Goode; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Susan Oosthuizen; Dr Jane Spencer; Mr James Trevithick; Dr Oren Scherman; and Dr Alan Winter.


1.   Apologies

Mr Paul ffolkes Davis


2.   Declarations of Interest

(i)                The ICE – Dr. Susan Oosthuizen

(ii)             Human Resources – Mr. Kevin Coutinho


3.   Minutes of Meeting on 30 September 2010



4.   Matters Arising

(i)                Student Fees

(ii)             TLSS

(iii)           Minutes of the Board. The Board discussed the format of future Minutes of the Board.


5.   Confirmation of Topics for Review and Schedule of Guests for the year 2010-2011

The Board confirmed that the following guests should be invited to meet with the Board for year 2010-2011:


Michaelmas Term

(i)                Dr. Kate Maxwell, Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies. Topics to include: BGS’ changing role, co-ordination of Degree Committees, MPhils.

(ii)             Jonathan Nicholls, Registrary. Topics to include UAS restructuring and Student Services.

(iii)           Professor Ian White, Pro-vice Chancellor of Institutional Affairs. Topics to include Human Resources issues (overall restructuring, payroll and contract errors), Northwest Cambridge.


 Lent Term

(i)                Professor Willy Brown, Chairman of the School

of Humanities and Social Sciences. Topics to include Social Sciences Tripos, process of the General Board review of teaching and learning in Social Sciences.

(ii)             Professor Steve Young, Pro-vice Chancellor for

Planning & Resources. Topics to include student fees, finance strategy (including ICE), Browne Review, CSPS and USS Pensions.

(iii)           Professor John Rallison, Pro-vice Chancellor for Education. Topics to include TLSS, MPhils and Bologna credits.

(iv)           No Guest. Discussion Meeting for the Board.


Easter Term

(i)                Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor. Topics to include general plans for Cambridge as a Research Institute and International plans.

(ii)             Professor Lynn Gladden, Pro-vice Chancellor of Research. Topics to include FEC and research funding, functionality of the Research Office.

(iii)           Dr. Rebecca Lingwood, Director of ICE. Topics to include the role of the institute within the wider University, the role of the academic staff in relation to the wider University, ICE finances, part-time degrees offered by other bodies within the University.


6.   Any Other Business



7.   Date of next meeting

12.00pm on Thursday, 28October 2010

Master’s Lodge, Selwyn College

Guest: Dr. Jonathan Nicholls


Katherine Leckie

Support Officer

21 October 2010