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17 February 2011

Meeting of the Board of Scrutiny






Selwyn College Master’s Lodge

Thursday, 17th February 2011 at 12.00pm



Present: Professor Richard Bowring (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Ms Katherine Leckie (Support Officer); Mr Kevin Coutinho; Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; Mr David Goode; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Jane Spencer; Dr Oren Scherman; Mr James Trevithick; Mr Paul Warren;



1.      Apologies

Rev Jeremy Caddick;


2.      Declarations of Conflict of Interest



3.      Minutes of Meeting on 3 February 2011



4.      Matters Arising

i) Guests for the rest of the year and future topics

ii) Issues around privatisation


5.      Guest: Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor


i) Going Private

University’s current priority is to come to an agreement with OFFA. The question of privatisation simply does not arise at this juncture.


ii) Issue of Access and Government pressure

A commitment to quality and excellence is the University’s top priority and will affect all discussions on this matter


iii) Universities UK


iv) International Relations

Fundraising; academic collaboration; partnering with institutions in China, Singapore, India and Europe; question of overseas campuses;


v) Immigration issues regarding staff and students

Developing the International office; severe problems with new immigration laws;

vi) Russell Group and University and College Employers Association


6.      Any Other Business



7.      Date of Next Meeting

3 March 2011, 12.00pm

Guest: Professor Steve Young, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Planning & Resources

Master’s Lodge, Selwyn College






Katherine Leckie

Support Officer

17 February 2011