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Thursday, 27 May 2010 at 11.30 am
Leslie Stephen Room, Trinity Hall

Present: Mr Paul ffolkes Davis (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); Professor Richard Bowring; Mr Kevin Coutinho; Mr David Goode; the Revd Jeremy Caddick; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Jane Spencer; Mr James Trevithick; and the Revd Lindsay Yates.

  1. Apologies
    Dr Margaret Glendenning; and Dr Susan Oosthuizen

  2. Minutes for Meeting of 13 May 2010

  3. Declarations of Interest
    (i) Human Resources: Mr Kevin Coutinho; and
    (ii) Contributory Pension Scheme: Mr David Goode.
  4. Matters Arising
    (i) Draft 15th Report: The first draft had been circulated and all the members provided comments to be considered and/or incorporated into the next draft.
  5. Guest:

    Mr Inderjit Seehra, Director of Human Resources attended and the following issues were discussed.

    (i) Restructuring of the Human Resources function for School based services;

    (ii) Relationship between HR, Schools, Institutions, Departments, Faculties, and Administrators;

    (iii) Relationship and roles of Director, the PVC for Institutional Affairs, and the Registrary;

    (iv) Unified Administrative Service (UAS);

    (v) Mission Statement, HR values and resourcing;

    (vi) Management Information (MI);

    (vii) Cambridge Human Resources Information System (CHRIS);

    (viii) Pay;

    (ix) Equality and Diversity;

    (x) Compliance;

    (xi) Transactional processing including contracts: the Director is aware of the issue and will be providing information on when this service is likely to improve;

    (xii) Contributory Pension Scheme;

    (xiii) Statute U and Governance; and

    (xiv) Annual Report to Council: Third Report to be released on 1 July 2010 which will include four year plan;

  6. Any Other Business
  7. Date of Next Meeting:
    No Guest
    12.00 pm on Thursday, 10 June 2010
    Leslie Stephen Room, Trinity Hall

Emma Easterbrook
Support Officer
10 June 2010