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Thursday, 15 October 2009 at 12.00pm
Leslie Stephen Room, Trinity Hall

Present: Mr Paul ffolkes Davis (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); the Revd Jeremy Caddick; Mr Kevin Coutinho; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Sue Oosthuizen; Dr Jane Spencer; Mr James Trevithick; and the Revd Lindsay Yates.

  1. Apologies
    Mr David Goode.
  2. Election of Chairman and Secretary
    (i) Chairman: Mr Paul ffolkes Davis elected unanimously.
    (ii) Secretary: Mrs Jamie Horsley elected unanimously.
  3. 14th Annual Report (Discussion)
    To be discussed at next meeting.
  4. Views of New Members of the Board on 13th and 14th Annual Report
    The following items were discussed:
    (i) The scope and role of the Board;
    (ii) Finance including Pensions, Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press;
    (iii) Statute K;
    (iv) Institute of Continuing Education;
    (v) HPCF;
    (vi) Research Office; and
    (vii) Statute U

  5. Plan of Action
    Persons whom the Board may wish to meet

    Plenary Sessions:
    - Professor Alison Richards, Vice-Chancellor
    - Dr Jonathan Nicholls, Registrary
    - Mr Inderjit Seehra, Head of Human Resources
    - Mr Jon Beard, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment
    - Professor Steve Young, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Resources
    - Professor John Rallison, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education
    - Mr Nigel Brown, Chairman of the Audit Committee
    - Professor Andy Cliff, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources
    - Mrs Anne Jarvis, Librarian
    - Dr Rebecca Lingwood, Director of Institute of Continuing Education

    Non-Plenary Sessions:
    - Mr Martin Reavley, Head of Research Office
    - Mr Andrew Reid, Director of Finance
    - Dr Susan Lintott, Chairman of the Bursars' Committee

    Potential Topics of Discussion include
    - Finance including Pensions
    - University funding
    - Statute U
    - Statute K
    - Institute of Continuing Education
    - Review of Teaching and Learning Support Services
    - Human Resources Division
    - Change in Management Information Systems

  6. Any Other Business
    The current Board gave its thanks to the outgoing Chairman, Professor David Yates.
  7. Date of Next Meeting (TBC):
    12.00pm on Monday, 2 November 2009
    Leslie Stephen Room, Trinity Hall

Emma Easterbrook
Support Officer
5 November 2009