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11 November 2010







Selwyn College Master’s Lodge

Thursday, 11th November 2010 at 12.00pm


Present: Professor Richard Bowring (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Ms Katherine Leckie (Support Officer); Mr Kevin Coutinho; Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; Mr David Goode; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Susan Oosthuizen; Dr Jane Spencer; Dr Oren Scherman;


1.     Apologies

Mr James Trevithick; Mr Alan Winter;


2.     Declarations of Interest

HR (K. Coutinho);


3.     Minutes of Meeting on 28 October 2010



4.     Matters Arising

The pending election of the new Board member


5.     Guest

Professor Ian White, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Institutional Affairs

The Board thanked Professor White for attending and discussed the following:


i. Professor White’s role as Pro-Vice Chancellor of Institutional Affairs:

§  HR

§  Executive Education

§  Infrastructure

§  Local Engagement


ii. Human Resources

          The mechanisms in place to achieve increased accuracy and speed; the need for feedback loops;

iii. North West Cambridge

The likelihood of planning going ahead; types of accommodation needed to attract world-class scholars;


iv. Local Enterprise Partnership Bids

          The bids put in highlight transport, housing, business promotion, lobbying; the need to generate revenue;        


v. Retirement Age

Discussion of the working group;


vi. Planning

Council away-days;


vii. Executive Education

The benefits for individual organisations;


6.     Any Other Business

None raised


7.     Date of next meeting

12.00pm on Thursday, 25 November 2010

Guest: Dr Kate Maxwell

Master’s Lodge, Selwyn College





Katherine Leckie

Support Officer

16 November 2010