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3 March 2011

Meeting of the Board of Scrutiny






Selwyn College Master’s Lodge

Thursday, 3rd March 2011 at 12.00pm



Present: Professor Richard Bowring (Chairman); Mrs Jamie Horsley (Secretary); Ms Katherine Leckie (Support Officer); Mr Kevin Coutinho; Rev Jeremy Caddick; Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; Mr David Goode; Dr Catherine MacKenzie; Dr Jane Spencer; Dr Oren Scherman; Mr James Trevithick; Mr Paul Warren; Mr Alan Winter;




1.      Apologies



2.      Declarations of Conflict of Interest



3.      Minutes of Meeting on 17 February 2011



4.      Matters Arising



5.      Guest:

Professor Steve Young, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Planning & Resources

i) Financial cuts and the Arts and Humanities

ii) Fees and inflation expectations

iii) Remit of Pro Vice-Chancellors

iv) Performance and financial returns

v) Future of University’s status in light of cuts and new fees

vi) Student expectations and rising fees

vii) Long term planning

viii) Pensions

ix) North West Cambridge



6.      Any Other Business



7.      Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 28th April 2011, 12.00pm

Guest: TBC

Master’s Lodge, Selwyn College



Katherine Leckie

Support Officer