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25 January 2007






Thursday, 25 January 2007 at 12.00pm

New SCR, Selwyn College


Present: Mr Nick Downer (Chair); Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green (Secretary); Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); Dr Catherine Pitt; Mr David Yates; Mr Richard Stibbs; Dr Nick Holmes; Mr Michael Kuczynski; Mr Frank King; Dr Margaret Glendenning; and Mr Roger Greeves.




Dr Peter Sarris























Guest: Pro-Vice-Chancellor Andrew Cliff

Pay and Grading:

-       Report on Pay and Grading is to go to the General Board and Council

-       Cost: overall £6.25 million; 3.1% pay rise in the salary bill; pensions implication of approximately £1 million; it is in line with the budget

-       Circling: red estimated 6%; actual 6.1%; green estimated 12 – 15%; actual 12.7%

-       Assimilation phase has now been completed and we are now into review and appeal

-       Delay of four to five weeks for new jobs

-       Approximately 500 jobs in review; hotspots in some areas

-       System now gives flexibility to offer market pay packages

-       Need to concentrate on other areas bring it into line with general government policy



-       Mr Willy Brown is chairing a Working Group regarding Statute U, which governs terms of employment and grievance procedure

-       Pensions Advisory Group has been set up

-       Final stages of implementation of CHRIS, which will improve ability to compile statistics

-       Proposals rearding promotion of STOs and College interfaces to be made this year

-       Decisions regarding Schools should be dealt with by the Education Board



Matters Arising

-       Pay and Grading has had a severe impact on morale

-       More people to come forward to review

-       The Board of Scrutiny’s role is to examine the official line



Minutes of Meeting on 23 November 2006











Any Other Business

To be kept under review

Oriental Studies; Membership of the Board; HPCF; CAMSIS; Voice over IP; Pensions



-       The Board of Scrutiny to make a statement at the discussion of the Annual Reports



-       Visit to Andrew Reid: NH, ND, RS

-       Visit to Peter Deer and John Payne: CP, MG, ND, NH



Date of next meeting

Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 12.00pm

New SCR, Selwyn College




Emma Easterbrook

Support Officer

31 January 2007