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15 May 2008



Thursday, 15 May 2008 at 12.15

Music Room, Downing College

Present: Mr Richard Stibbs (Chair); Miss Rebecca Collins (Support Officer); Dr Paul Beattie; Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; the Revd Roger Greeves; Dr Margaret Guite; Mrs Jamie Horsley; Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green.



Dr Catherine Pitt (Secretary); Dr Margaret Glendenning; Dr Peter Sarris; the Revd Ian Thompson; Professor David Yates.


Minutes of Meeting on 15 April 2008




Matters Arising


It was agreed that the Director of Development be invited to a subsequent meeting of the Board.






Annual Report

It was reported that the draft of the Annual Report had been discussed with the University Director of Finance.

The Board recommended that the University form a syndicate, including at least one individual with legal expertise, to review the Statutes & Ordinances. It was suggested that changes to the Statutes & Ordinances be highlighted in bold and that improvements are also made to the indexing system.

The progress of CAMSIS/CHRIS were discussed. A formal summary will be requested for future discussion.

It was agreed that the 13th Annual Report would review and provide updates on the recommendations made in the 12th Annual Report.


High Performance Computing Facility

The Board discussed the progress of this project. It was noted that a Steering Committee has been appointed and is based in the Department of Physics, along with a number of administrative staff, and that a permanent home is yet to be found for the project.

The Board has been invited to critically review the processes involved.


Professor Fray Tribunal

The Board discussed the outcome of this tribunal and agreed that it would be referenced briefly in its report.


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The Board discussed the new King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, a co-educational and multi-faith postgraduate University on the Red Sea. Board members highlighted areas where they may be implications for Cambridge’s activities.


Guest: Nigel Brown, external Council Member and Audit Committee Member

The Board spoke with Mr Brown informally over lunch.





Any Other Business

The Board was recommended to obtain a copy of the business plan recently produced by Teri Willey (Cambridge Enterprise).

The new Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education will be announced later this month.

The Board will obtain a copy of the University’s Allocations Report for discussion at a future meeting.


Date of next meeting

11.30am on Thursday, 29 May 2008

Music Room, Downing College

Rebecca Collins

Support Officer

17 May 2008