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Board of Scrutiny

Noon, Thursday 10 November 2005

There were present: Nick Downer, Margaret Glendenning, Nicholas Holmes, Frank King, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, John Little, David Phillipson, Catherine Pitt, Nick Pyper, Richard Stibbs and David Yates.

1. Apologies had been received from Michael Kuczynski and from Tessa Payne.

2. The Board had a discussion with Dr Christopher Padfield about his work as Director of Strategic Development in the UAS.

3. The minutes, subject to corrections, were confirmed.

4. Under matters arising it was noted:

that Stephen Jolly would be attending the Board's meeting on 24 November;

that the Vice-Chancellor would attend on 27 April;

that the Registrary would attend in the Lent Term at a date to be confirmed;

that a delegation from the Board would meet David Adamson on 16 November

5. The Council's Notice in reponse to the Board's tenth report and the ensuing Discussion was noted. Curiosity was expressed as to the purpose of 'a simplified set of draft statutes' along with interest in the proposed 'handbook about University administrative matters'.

6. Richard Stibbs gave an account of the current state of CamSIS.

7. The Chairman reported that permission had been given to seek a replacement for Tessa Payne, and that the post would be advertised shortly.

8. There was some discussion of flysheets concerning IPR currently circulating.

9. The next meeting would be on 24 November in the New SCR, Selwyn College