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Board of Scrutiny


Membership structure

The Board comprises eight elected members of the Regent House, together with the two Proctors and the two Pro-Proctors. The elected members serve for four years, with four being elected every two years (in the Easter Term of odd years). The Board elects its Chair and Secretary, from its members, annually.

Current membership

The Board of Scrutiny has elected Dr Rob Doubleday to hold office as Chair until 30 September 2024, and Mr Rob Hopwood to hold office as Secretary until 30 September 2024.

Members of the Board, their addresses for correspondence, and their terms of service are:

Name Postal address Email address Until 30 September
Dr Rob Doubleday (Chair) Centre for Science and Policy 2025
Mr Rob Hopwood (Secretary) Murray Edwards College 2025
Dr Stephen Cowley Dept of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics 2027
Dr Markus Gehring Faculty of Law 2025
Dr Nazia Habib Department of Engineering 2027
Rev'd Andrew Hammond St John's College 2024
Dr Richard Lloyd Dept of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience 2027
Dr Fraz Mir Department of Medicine 2025
Dr Judith Plummer Braeckman Institute for Sustainability Leadership 2025
Dr Orsola Rath Spivack Faculty of Mathematics 2025
Dr Charles Read Faculty of History 2024
VACANCY     2027

The Board requests that members of the University should contact it via email where possible, preferably using the address .