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Board of Scrutiny


Membership structure

The Board comprises eight elected members of the Regent House, together with the two Proctors and the two Pro-Proctors. The elected members serve for four years, with four being elected every two years (in the Easter Term of odd years). The Board elects its Chair and Secretary, from its members, annually.

Current membership

The Board of Scrutiny has elected Mr Graham Allen to hold office as Chair until 30 September 2021, and Mr Ian Wright to hold office as Secretary until 30 September 2021.

Members of the Board, their addresses for correspondence, and their terms of service are:

Name Postal address Email address Until 30 September
Dr Graham Allen (Chair) Wolfson College 2021
Mr Ian Wright (Secretary) Peterhouse 2023
Dr David Butterfield Faculty of Classics 2023
Dr Gilly Carr Institute of Continuing Education 2023
Dr John Fawcett Churchill College 2022
Mr Gavin Flynn Downing College 2023
Mr David Goode Wolfson College 2021
Prof Martin Jones Department of Archaeology 2021
Prof Richard Mortier Christ's College 2021
Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes Clare Hall 2021
Dr Karen Ottewell Emmanuel College 2021

Dr Mark Smith

Clare College 2022

The Board requests that members of the University should contact it via email where possible, preferably using the address .