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11 November 2004

Board of Scrutiny


Noon, Thursday 11 November 2004



New SCR, Selwyn College


Present: Stephen Cowley, Margaret Glendenning, Nicholas Holmes, John Little, Timothy Milner, David Phillipson, Nick Pyper, Jennifer Rigby, John Spencer (Chairman), Helen Thompson (Secretary)


In attendance: Tessa Payne



1.      Apologies

Saskia Murk-Jansen                  


2.      Minutes of previous meeting

These were agreed.


3.      Matters arising

SC advised the meeting that he had update the Board email lists.


JS advised the meeting that he was in contact with Susan Bowring about the wording of the notice in the Reporter regarding the vacancy on the Board of Scrutiny.   


4.      Report on visit to Director of Personnel

The Board discussed the document circulated by HT, which summarised the meeting with Peter Deer and Margaret Bird.  Those who had attended the meeting felt that it had not been entirely satisfactory.  Of particular concern was the apparent lack of understanding within Personnel of the internal workings of the HERA/Project Scholar model, and the lack of statistical analysis undertaken in preparation of the Consultative Report.  Other issues include how HERA will be implemented within the University, and how the grading of academic roles is to be undertaken, particularly those on the same ‘level’ who have differing levels of responsibility.


It was agreed that these concerns would be included in the report on HERA from the Board, due to be submitted on 12 November.



5.      Board response to HERA

The Board considered the draft report circulated by SC, and confirmed the particular areas of concern to be addressed by the Board’s response.  It was agreed that the Board would submit their response to HERA using the following procedure:


JS to produce an outline introduction for comment.  Comments to be returned and incorporated  by 4pm.

SC and NH to refine SC’s report, to include the issues raised at the meeting, and to circulate first thing on 12 November for comment.

JS to expand outline introduction, based on the document from SC/NH, and comments received.

Final draft to be circulated for comment, and submitted by close of business on 12 November.



6.      Update on arrangements for meeting with the Board of Graduate Studies

It was agreed that this matter would be taken up following the submission of the response to the consultative report on HERA.


It was noted that two working parties on International Academic relationships and International Student Recruitment had been formed.  It was agreed that TP would circulate the relevant documents to members of the Board.



7.      Arrangements for Lent Term meetings

The Board noted that JS would be unable to Chair meetings of the Board on Thursdays during Lent Term, due to prior commitments.


It was agreed that during Lent term meetings would be held fortnightly on Tuesdays, commencing on 25th January, fortnightly, in order to avoid scheduled Discussions.


It was also agreed to provisionally schedule an additional meeting for Friday 14 January 2005.  This would enable the Board to discuss the Annual Report of the Council and the General Board Financial Statements, should the Discussion on these documents be scheduled for 17 January.



8.      Dates of next meeting

Thursday 25 November at noon in the New SCR at Selwyn.


9.      Any other business

It was noted that expected changes to the way HEFCE funds graduate students could result in further problems with any proposed implementation of the RAM.