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8 March 2005

Board of Scrutiny


Noon, Tuesday 8 March 2005



Chadwick Room, Selwyn College


Present: Stephen Cowley, Nick Downer, Nicholas Holmes, John Little, Timothy Milner, Saskia Murk-Jansen, David Phillipson (Chairman, agenda items 1-5), Nick Pyper, John Spencer (Chairman, agenda items 6-9), Helen Thompson   



In attendance: Tessa Payne



1.       Apologies

Margaret Glendenning, Jennifer Rigby



2.       Minutes of previous meeting

These were agreed.



3.       Matters arising

There were no matters arising, other than those already on the agenda.



4.       Letter from Colin Saunderson

The Board considered the letter dated 17 February received from Colin Saunderson.


It was noted that the letter raised a number of issues about which the Board was already aware, and has under consideration.  It was agreed that NH would respond to Mr Saunderson on behalf of the Board.



5.       Shortlist of topics for Annual Report

It was agreed that the following topics should be considered further for inclusion in the Annual Report, in addition to the required responses to the University accounts, the Allocations Report and the Council’s Annual Report:


§         RAM and the expansion of UAS, and the outcome of the reviews of Personnel and RSD.  It was agreed that further information was required urgently on these matters, which would inform whether they were included in the Annual Report.

§         The way in which the review of the Pay and Grading structure is being handled

§         The continuing concerns about the transitions from CAPSA to CUFS.

§         Committee structure in general, University governance, the roll of the PVCs, and how they fit into overall system. 

§         Finance – the deficit, pension projections, and the financial implications of the bursary scheme.


Overriding all of these issues will be the theme of internal communication, with particular emphasis in the area of governance.  The following actions were agreed:


NH to arrange for BoS representatives to meet with Professor Minson soon after Easter, and to ask to be sent any relevant information prior to the meeting.

SC to request a meeting with Andrew Reid.

SC/DP to draft a letter to the Registrary requesting information in definitive terms on the outcomes of the two reviews, and a breakdown of staff numbers within the UAS



6.       Confirmation of meeting with Vice-Chancellor

It was agreed that JS should confirm the meeting with the Vice-Chancellor on Thursday 28 April, and advise her that the Board would like to discuss the following issues:


Structure and PVCs

Handling of pay and grading scheme


Oxford proposals

Progress on developments in internal communications



It was also agreed that JS should also ask the Vice-Chancellor if she would let the Board see a copy of the Annual Report she presented to the Council.



7.       Response to Charles Larkum

It was agreed that ND would draft and circulate a slightly shorter version of the response to be sent to the Council, and depersonalise it where appropriate.



8.       Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 28 April, and fortnightly thereafter.



9.       Any other business

The Board agreed the proposed schedule for elections to the Board received from Susan Bowring, to be held during the Easter term.