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19 January 2006

Board of Scrutiny


Noon, 19 January 2006



There were present Mr Downer, Dr Glendenning . Dr Holmes (in the chair), Mr King, Mr Kuczynski, Dr Leedham-Green (secretary), Dr Pitt, Dr Pyper, Mr Stibbs and Mr Yates.


06/01/19. 1. Apologies had been received from Dr Little.


06/01/19. 2. The minutes of the meetings of 10 and 24 November, which had been circulated were approved.


06/01/19. 3. Under matters arising the Chairman reported on progress with the recruitment of a new Support Officer.


06/01/19. 4. With a view to what points that might be made at the Discussion of Annual Report of the Council scheduled for 24 January the Board decided that the publication of a form of the Estate Plan should be welcomed; that a record of attendance at Council would also be welcome; that the circulation of the 'blue paper on strategy' should be queried;


06/01/19. 5a. Considering the Annual Report of the General Board with the same view the Board considered that, with reference to para. 16.1, the General Board could usefully consider how better to handle any future situation in which the possibility of closing down a department or faculty had to be contemplated.


06/01/19. 5b.  With respect to para. 17.4 the Board considered that the represen­tations made by Professor A. W. F. Edwards might be relevant.


06/01/19. 6a.  As a preliminary to discussion of the Abstract of Accounts the chairman and other members of the deputation reported on their meeting with the Director of Finance, which had been very useful in clarifying a number of issues, including two separate transfers from Cambridge Assessment.


06/01/19. 6b.  It was reported that the Director of Finance had freely (if not cheerfully) admitted that paragraph 6 (Triennial valuation of the scheme) contained an error: 'increased to 22.5%' should read 'increased from 22.5% to 25.7%'.


06/01/19. 7.  The Board expressed its admiration for the savings that had been achieved by the Schools.


06/01/19. 8.  Under Any Other Business, there was some further discussion of Professor Edwards' concerns about the new title of the NHS Trust, and about EMBS's plans for NW Cambridge.


06/01/19. 9.  The next meeting would be on 9 February, when the Board looked forward to a discussion with the Registrary.