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27 September 2002 Minutes



The last meeting of the Board in the Academical Year 2001-2 was held at 12.00 on Thursday, 27 September 2002 in the West Lodge, Downing College.


Members Present. Dr S.E. Lintott (Chairman), Dr D.J. Chivers, Prof. J.R. Spencer, Mr T. N. Milner, Dr O. Rackham, Mr JD McDonald, Dr H.E. Thompson, Mr D.R. Howarth, Dr R.H. Lachmann, Dr C Forsyth and Dr E. Leedham-Green.


Apologies were received from Dr V.E. Izzet, Dr S.J. Cowley and Mrs J.M. Rigby


1)          The Chairman welcomed the new members of the Board.

2)          The minutes of the meeting of 1 July were approved.

3)          Matters arising: The Chairman reported that the process of identifying the next Vice chancellor was proceeding.

4)          Matters to report: The Chairman reported that the executive council is considering its legal position concerning CAPSA. The Board felt that this was an example of a situation where the University might have benefited from having its own in house lawyers.

5)          Provisional election of Chairman for 2002-2003:  Dr Lintott nominated Prof Spencer to be the new Chairman of the Board.  The nomination was seconded by Dr Lachmann.  There was a vote and Prof Spencer was provisionally elected unanimously.

6)          Provisional election of Secretary for 2002:2003: Dr Lachmann nominated Dr Cowley to be the new Secretary of the Board.  The nomination was seconded by Dr Lintott.  There was a vote and Dr Cowley was provisionally elected unanimously.

7)          The Board thanked Dr Lintott for her excellent work as Chairman of the Board.  Thanks were also expressed to Mr Milner and Dr Lachmann for their respective contributions as Secretary.

8)          The Seventh Report: This will be discussed at the next meeting of the Board.

9)          Clerical support:  The Chairman reported that money was in fact available for this post.  It was decided to draft an advert to go into the Reporter.

10)      Possible subjects for scrutiny:

a)          Dr Howarth suggested that the Board should investigate what performance management procedures the University has in place to ensure that its policies are implemented.

b)          The Board as a whole felt that it would be important to continue to focus on the University’s finances.  The continuing expansion seems to be of particular concern and it was suggested that the English faculty and 307 Huntingdon Road might be particularly suitable projects for scrutiny.

c)           The University’s new policy on IPR is also likely to generate much debate within the University in the coming year and the Board should keep abreast of this.

11)       The next meeting will take place on Thursday 10 October, 2002.