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10 June 2004

Board of Scrutiny


Noon, Thursday 10 June 2004

Robinson College

Garden Room


Present: Stephen Cowley (Acting Secretary), Christopher Forsyth (Chairman), Nicholas Holmes, Timothy Milner, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, David Phillipson, Jennifer Rigby, Roger Salmon, John Spencer.


In attendance: Tessa Payne


1.      Apologies. Saskia Murk-Jansen, Helen Thompson (on leave).


2.      Minutes of the meeting of 3 June 2004.

      These were approved.


3.      Matters arising (apart from those dealt with under the Annual Report).


3.1    E-mail from the Director of Personnel

The matter was carried over until the next meeting of the Board.


4.      Annual Report


The most recent draft of the report was considered.


The following actions were agreed:


Following the incorporation of amendments agreed at the meeting, the Chairman would send the draft Annual Report to the Registrary for comment.


Roger Salmon and Stephen Cowley would redraft the section on RAM, and ask Professor Minson for his comments. 


Tessa Payne to check the document for consistency.


5.      Any other business

There was no other business.


6.      Date of next meeting.

The next meeting will be at midday on Tuesday 15 June 2004 in the Linnet Room, Robinson College.