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23 February 2006





Thursday, 23 February 2006 at 12.00pm

Chadwick Room, Selwyn College



Present: Dr Nick Holmes (Chair); Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green (Secretary); Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); Mr Richard Stibbs; Mr Frank King; Mr David Yates; Dr Catherine Pitt; Mr Nick Downer, Dr Nick Pyper, Dr John Little; and Dr Margaret Glendenning.


1.         Apologies

-            Mr Michael Kuczynski

-            Position regarding David Phillipson needs to be confirmed (he is on leave this term)


2.         Minutes of Meeting on 9 February 2006

-            After some trivial corrections, these were approved


3.         Matters Arising

-            Dr Mead had claimed that the Council gave permission in 2004 to use the name of the University as a strap-line on stationery from Papworth Hospital, but this is not noted in the relevant Minutes


4.    Report on EMBS meetings regarding North West Cambridge

-      Chair and others had  met with David Adamson (before his departure) and subsequently with the Acting Director of EMBS (Michael Bienias) regarding the development of NW Cambridge

-      A number of costing models had been made but there were significant mistakes

-      Joint planning framework between Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council will proceed when the local plan is adopted and the inspector’s report is produced

-      What will happen to the houses not sold on the open market: University, developer, socially registered landlord?

-      Need to consider the effects of the options: risk, cost, profit, shared ownership


5.    Preparations for Annual Report


       Probable topics might include:

-      Finance:  (awaiting allocations report)

-      The RAM: (how is it being implemented, if at all, below top level?)

-      Building projects: (projected cost versus actual cost)

-      Governance: (raise content of March Away Day with Vice-Chancellor on 27 April)

-      Pay and Grading: (await completion potentially in April, alternatively next year’s report.  Enquiries need to be made to the Personnel Division about red and green circles, and the progress of implementation.  It was felt in some cases that the descriptors were not good.)

-      Professor Ian Leslie, Professor Melveena McKendrick and Professor Tony Minson : Delegations to be sent

-      It was noted that Professor Minson would be glad to attend a meeting of the Board

-      Cambridge Enterprise


6.    Any Other Business

-      Support Officer to research costing and actual cost of recent major University projects

-      The Chair  would try to arrange a meeting with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education – David Yates and John Little volunteered to form the delegation  (In the event that none of the dates offered by Professor McKendrick were convenient, the Chair undertook to ask for further possible dates.  The Secretary expressed an interest in joining the delegation.)


7.    Next Meeting

       Thursday, 9 March 2006 at 12.00pm

       Guest: Stephen Jolly






















Emma Easterbrook

Support Officer

23 April 2006