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26 October 2006






Thursday, 26 October 2006 at 12.00pm

New SCR, Selwyn College


Present: Mr Nick Downer (Chair); Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green (Secretary); Dr Catherine Pitt; Mr David Yates; Revd Roger Greeves; Dr Peter Sarris; Mr Frank King; and Mr Richard Stibbs.




Dr Nick Holmes; Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); Mr Michael Kuczynski; and Dr Margaret Glendenning.



Minutes of Meeting on 12 October 2006




Matters Arising




Update on Meetings Schedule

The Chair reported that it had been arranged that Dr Padfield would attend the next meeting (9 November), the Registrary that of 22 February 2007, and the Vice-Chancellor that of 24 May 2007.  With respect to further meetings: Mr Stibbs would arrange a time for meeting Nigel Brown, Mr Yates one for meeting Lord Wilson (but only after the Board had had a sight of his report, which would be requested by the Chair).



UAS Re-organisation

It was reported that a committee had been set up under the chairmanship of Dame Veronica Sutherland to consider the proposals.  The Director of the Careers Service, whose service was felt to be particularly threatened, was on the committee.


The Board would pursue this and related issues at its meeting with Dr Padfield.  Other isues to be pursued might include:


·       The status of the proposed Deputy Directors (new appointments or not);

·       Costings;

·       Timetable;

·       Necessary changes to Ordinances; and

·       Process.


It appeared that the Council had not seen all relevant papers.




Dr King reported his own difficulties with the system.  Mr Stibbs reported that the Project guidelines were exemplary: shortcomings were in implementation.  Particular difficulties were seen to lie in the unsafety of transfer data, changes of subject, the infrequency of reports of the Project Board and failure to automatically import UCAS data on A-level Sunday.


It was agreed that the Board should continue to watch developments, Mr Stibbs undertaking to hold a watching brief.



Any Other Business

·       Nominations: The Chair reported that of the three persons nominated to fill the vacancy on the Board two had declined and the third had yet to reply.  It was queried whether, in a new academic year, a fresh election might be called rather than sending the matter back to the Nominations Committee.

·       CUP Pensions: It appeared that the Printing Division had voted in favour of a choice between a Defined Benefits Scheme or a Defined Contribution Scheme to replace the former final salary scheme.  The Publishing Division was thought to be still considering the matter.

·       'Abolition'  of Hindi and Sanskrit: This appeared to have been badly handled at the School level.  Mr Yates and Dr Leedham-Green would seek an interview with Dr Kornicky to clarify matters.

·       Pay and Grading: A meeting of computer officers had thrown up even more discrepancies than had been previously suspected.

·       Age Discrimination: Guide lines from the Personnel Division were now on the web.  There had been no Notice or Report to the Regent House.  Mr Stibbs would pursue the matter.



Date of next meeting

Thursday, 9 November at 12.00pm

New SCR, Selwyn College



Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green


9 November 2006