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5 December 2002 Minutes

Board of Scrutiny

Minutes of the Meeting Held at Noon on

Thursday 5 December 2002 at Selwyn College



Present: Stephen Cowley, David Howarth, Robin Lachmann, Christopher Forsyth, Susan Lintott, Oliver Rackham, John Spencer, Helen Thompson.


Apologies: Jack MacDonald, Timothy Milner, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, Jennifer Rigby.


1)      Minutes. The Minutes of the meeting of 21November 2002.


Matters arising.


i)        Buildings, the land fund and the deficit. There was a discussion of the Reports on the CR-UK and Homerton buildings. There was concern that some of the funding for the projects was coming from the Land Fund which was in deficit. It was agreed that a short speech would be drafted for the Discussion of 10 December 2002.


Action: The Chairman to draft a speech for the Discussion of 10/12/2002.


ii)       Harrassment issues. The draft letter to the Press Office was approved. It was agreed to send the letter.

Action: The Secretary to send the letter.


2)      Governance proposals and vote. Concern was expressed at the timing of the vote, and the view taken towards amendments. It was agreed to write to the Vice-Chancellor and Council on these matters.

Action: The Chairman to write a letter to the VC.


3)      The new Vice-Chancellor and the press coverage. There was a discussion of the leak to the press concerning the appointment of the new Vice-Chancellor. It was agreed that the leak was regrettable, but it was not clear that it was our job to take the matter further.


4)      Conduct of Discussions: new Statutes and Ordinances. There was a discussion as to whether the new published version of the Statutes and Ordinances were in line with the current vote on the conduct of Discussions. It was agreed to see what the outcome of the vote was before proceeding further.


5)      Any other business. The attention of the Board was drawn to some higher education discussion papers on the DfES web site.


6)      Date of next meeting. The next meeting will be on Thursday 16 January 2003.