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6 March 2008






Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 11.30am

Music Room, Downing College


Present: Mr Richard Stibbs (Chair); Dr Catherine Pitt (Secretary); Miss Emma Easterbrook (Support Officer); Dr Paul Beattie; Mr Paul ffolkes Davis; the Revd Roger Greeves; Dr Margaret Guite; Mrs Jamie Horsley; Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green;  Dr Peter Sarris; and Professor David Yates.




Dr Margaret Glendenning; and the Revd Ian Thompson.



Minutes of Meeting on 21 February 2008




Matters Arising




UAS Re-organisation: Mrs Jamie Horsley to report after Easter Break, and Open Meeting on 11 March 2008.




Addenbrooke’s: To be kept under review.



House Style: To be kept under review.




-       Concern raised regarding procurement, current service, financial policy imposed by Department of Physical Sciences, and lack of access to Department of Chemistry’s computers; and

-       To be kept under review.



VoIP: To be kept under review.















Any Other Business

Annual Report

Cambridge Enterprise:

-       The Board were impressed by Ms Teri Willey, and her achivements;

-       Concern raised regarding conflicts of interest within Cambridge Enterprise; and

-       Concern raised regarding ambiguity of Clause 24, and delayed publication of Tribunal findings in relation to Professor Fray.

Finances: Mr Paul ffolkes Davis to undertake writing for this section of the Report.

VoIP: Dr Catherine Pitt to undertake writing for this section of the Report with assistance from Mr Richard Stibbs.

Ballot procedures: To be kept under review.

Board of Examinations: To be kept under review.



















Guest: Mr Stephen Jolly


-       Joined the University in 2005;

-       Restructure and re-organisation took 18 months, working collaboratively;

-       Paper submitted to Council in December 2007 (annual presentation);

-       In 2007 released 583 web stories and 253 press releases;

-       Engaged with alumni in Parliament, and monitor political affairs on a daily basis;

-       Web Review and Literary Review nearing completion, ready to begin thorough review of internal communications; 

-       Involved with Working Group and Kate Pretty regarding Operational Impact Reporting (Corporate Responsibility);

-       Involved in promoting Science Festival, and Festival of Ideas;

-       Team working on 800th Campaign: includes staff summer party in Botanical Gardens, Cambridge Prom, Open Cambridge, and Winter Light Finale;

-       Working on 800th anniversary passed across to 800th team, which is two people; and

-       Presenting House Style to Council on 28 March 2008 at Council Away Day.

Questions and Answers:

-       Relationship with Government affected by issue of elitism conflated in public opinion but good relationship with all three major parties;

-       Vice-Chancellor met with senior members of Chinese Government as well as Indian Prime Minister instead of meeting Chinese Governement with Professor Hood;

-       Deal with student press within the University every day, work collaboratively and creatively;

-       800th Campaign: small number of key headline events funded by Council; involving staff, students, benefactors, alumni; and £1/4m awarded for other activities; come forward with their media.  2009 fund for £¼ m for other activities;

-       Will present idea of working with disadvantaged children from Inner London;

-       Concern raised regarding staff turnover, and low number of UAS staff who have lack of knowledge of collegiate affairs;

-       Issue raised regarding need to offer market competitive salaries;

-       Issue raised regarding publication of Tribunal findings (Professor Fray);

-       Information Strategy Unit initially suggested looking at central web-site only as manageable but will be offering templates to improve navigation, and work will take place on intranet technology with Ian Lewis; and

-       Consultation regarding usability has taken place including students from deprived schools in East London, and meeting with Apple, iTunes and YouTube.



Date of next meeting

11.30am on Thursday, 17 April 2008

Music Room, Downing College



Rebecca Collins

Support Officer

17 April 2008