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17 July 2003 Minutes

Board of Scrutiny, meeting on Thursday 10 October at Selwyn College

Board of Scrutiny

Minutes of the Meeting Held at 12.30 pm on

Thursday 17 July 2003 at Selwyn College


Present: Christopher Forsyth, David Howarth, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, Robin Lachmann, Susan Lintott, Jack MacDonald, Oliver Rackham, Jennifer Rigby, John Spencer, Helen Thompson.


Apologies: Stephen Cowley, Timothy Milner.


1)       Reports of Meeting. A Report was made of the helpful meeting the Chairman and Susan Lintott had had earlier in the day with the Vice-Chancellor elect.


2)       The Eighth Report. The Eighth Report was signed.


3)       Dates of Future Meetings. The first meeting of 2003/4 will be at noon on Thursday 2 October 2003.